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The Inertia

Balance boards are pretty rad for maintaining one’s core body strength. But they are a challenge to store and travel with making consistency an issue sometimes. Enter the Kumo Board, an inflatable balance board constructed from tough rubber material much like the stuff used to build rafts.

And the inflatable balance board might actually have a distinct advantage when it comes to approachability. Namely, you don’t have to jump right in and run the risk of hurting yourself, as you might on a stiff, traditional board that moves faster than you might be ready for. You can inflate the roller to your level: less air equals more stability. More air, the opposite is true. You can obviously adjust the stiffness of the board and roller together to get the right combination.

The inflatable roller also has solid application in muscle recovery, like using it for mobility excercises. Kumo Boards is curretnly in fundraising mode. Visit Kumoboard.com for more information on supporting the project.


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