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The period–which of course is part of the female reproductive cycle–is the monthly gift, reserved exclusively for goddesses like us.
And it’s truly a gift that keeps on giving. While there are some realities of the cycle that are pretty universal, I’ve found that it really varies from woman to woman. Many know all too well that achy, punch to the gut feeling of cramps that won’t go away no matter what position one lays in or how tight of a ball you can curl yourself into. And yet there are the lucky ones that manage to cruise through the cycle as if their hormone levels aren’t creating the crazy, raging storm in their bodies that they do with the rest of us.

The ups and downs of your monthly cycle can take you all over the place. From feeling as if you just want to lay in bed all day and eat every greasy snack you can get your hands on…to feeling on top of the world, like you can run marathons, get that big work promotion, and maintain your fabulous social life, no problem.

Many of us may have never taken the time–or had the time–to understand exactly what’s going on in our bodies during those 28 days. Glamour, regardless of your opinion of the publication, did it for us, and in a really fun way. Which is always a good way to look at the female species’ ‘special gift.’ Regardless of how great or sucky your cycle is, one thing you can always count on (if you get your period regularly) is for that same, lovely, rollercoaster of a cycle to start right back over again every month. So we might as well find the humor in it.


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