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SunZee is a new wearable sunscreen dispenser. Photo: SunZee

SunZee is a new wearable sunscreen dispenser. Photo: SunZee

The Inertia

You slather on copious amounts of sunscreen, but get burned anyway. Why? Because you, frothing surfer, stay in the lineup long after your hot-pink zinc job has washed off. And paddling in to reapply seems like an R-PITA*. (*Royal pain in the ass.)

For just this reason, a new product lets you bring sunscreen into the lineup or the mountains. The SunZee looks a lot like a watch, but it’s a sunscreen dispenser mounted on a silicon wristband. Press on the dispenser and sunscreen squirts out, giving you two “doses” of this 40 SPF sunscreen, enough to cover your face and some other exposed areas. After your session, you can pop in a new fully-recyclable cartridge so that after two hours (or your 700th duck dive) you can whack on another layer.

The SunZee is ok Kickstarter for the next 30-ish days, where it’s about $15,000 dollars shy of its $50,000 goal. Right now, $45 gets you the wristband, 30 capsules of sunscreen, a neoprene case and a sticker.


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