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Surfing is fun. You know what’s more fun? Surfing well. Although not all of us can surf like John John or Mick, I think we can all agree it’s a whole lot more fun to surf your personal best than to bog and bumble your way through a perfect wave. Building a solid foundation of strength when it comes to your key surf muscles is perhaps the easiest way to paddle faster, surf better, and have a whole lot more fun in the water.

This 4-move workout created by our friends at Extreme Athletics will help you achieve just that. These moves aren’t complicated, but they will challenge you, and they will make you stronger. Incorporate them into your weekly fitness routine, and you can bet you’ll see a change when you’re in the water. You’ll be surfing better and smiling more too.

Below is a little additional information about the moves demonstrated in the video above. This info should help you practice safe form.



Alternating Pull-ups 8 reps

For this move, you’re essentially doing off-center pull-ups. Instead of pulling yourself straight up, you pull yourself up side to side, hovering over each hand. If you’re using strict form, you should be pulling yourself completely to one side then the other. If you need it, band assisted pull-ups are absolutely ok.  This move is designed to help build upper body strength, and therefore, paddle strength.


Dead-lifts 8 reps

For proper form, your back should be flat. There should also be a slight bend in your knees and a big hinge in the hips. At the top of the movement, the knees should be fully extended and the shoulders retracted. This move works to strengthen the posterior chain strength, which is biomechanically significant for front-side bottom turns.



Indo Board/ Rotational Goblet Squats 10 reps

For this move, be sure to keep the chest up and the big toes, knees, hips and shoulders in-line to prevent injury. After dropping into the squat, you will rotate at the bottom, and this is the point where good form becomes especially critical. This move works to develop lower body stability and strength, especially in the quads and glutes. This stability and strength is biomechanically significant to back-side bottom turns.


Russian Twist 12 reps

With your back on the balance ball, keep your feet planted with knees bent at 90. The hips should be raised up to the point where they are even with knees. Be sure to control the rotation all the way through. This move builds core strength and increases stability.


Repeat this circuit 4 times for a complete strength workout. Remember, weight does not matter. Form does. Effort does. These are what make the difference at the end of the day.




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