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Photo: Tia Blanco.

Photo: Tia Blanco.

The Inertia

Eating vegan might not be for everyone, but pro surfer Tia Blanco makes it look pretty damn good. Many question whether eating vegan is the best decision for a professional athlete, but Blanco has shut down skeptics time and time again, and she even shared her results from a blood test to prove it. Not to mention she absolutely rips, and she’s got an ISA gold medal too.

What’s great about Blanco, is she’s not just passionate about how eating vegan makes her feel, but she’s also passionate about the food itself. She even has an entire Instagram account, @tiasvegankitchen, designated solely to the food she makes and the recipes she shares. She definitely doesn’t just eat a kale salad and call it a day; she prepares food with care, and she makes her meals healthy, satisfying, nourishing, and most importantly, tasty. That, folks, is what nutrition is all about.

Blanco’s latest YouTube video shares how she makes her favorite dessert: banana ice cream with toasted pistachios and coconut. Whether you’re vegan or not, you’ve got to admit that sounds absolutely delicious. Watch below to see how to make it yourself!

For more from Tia, check out her YouTube Account.


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