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The Inertia

People hate going to the gym. It can be a chore, and if you’re an outdoor athlete, odds are your idea of fun isn’t spending an hour inside a sweaty facility lined with treadmills.

But finding some way to stay in shape is also a necessary evil during the off-season. And if by some chance you’re not ready when winter’s first storm rolls through, playing catch-up sucks. Xavier de Le Rue doesn’t prepare indoors. The three-time Freeride World Tour Champ has four specific areas he works to get ready. The first on his list is the core, which he does with activities like surfing (and yoga when the waves don’t allow).

For general fitness, he climbs, runs, and hikes — basically anything that keeps him outside or on the mountain. Xavier’s philosophy is clearly all about staying active and conditioned with outdoor stuff that feels more like playtime than “training.”  It’s worth taking a page out of his book. And a whole lot more fun.


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