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With summer comes sun and surf adventures. It’s inevitable that your lower back and legs will get a good workout with all of the paddling, point breaks, and (small) summer swell, so here is a simple way to loosen up after a long session:

Rochelle Ballard Yoga Tips

Here's a simple way to relieve your lower back and legs after a long session.

Start by sitting upright with one leg out to the side. Then bring the opposite heel into the inside of the thigh, tight to the groin.

If you are really tight and sore, you might want to start with a bent leg and slowly work your way to a straight leg.

Take a deep breath while reaching the hand on the same side as the bent leg up to the sky. As you exhale, lower your body down towards the extended leg and grab the big toe with two fingers.

On each inhale, give the toe and leg a little resistance and look up towards the sky.

On the exhale, release the resistance and deepen the stretch towards the extended leg.

As you breathe, deepening the stretch, you should notice the body slowly releasing.

For a deeper stretch on the lower back and side of the body, drop the chest over the extended leg and wrap both hands around the foot.

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