The Inertia

Marcio Freire is a Brazilian-born surfer that has been living on Maui since 1998. Freire’s love for the ocean is now responsible for every step in his life. He hosts families from all over the world in one of Maui’s best charter boats, The Allii Nui Saling Charters, and can be found every summer training and competing with the Hawaiin canoe club boys.

But outside of surfing and training, Freire still finds time to give back as a volunteer helping North Shore families collect and transport waste to the recycle stations every week. It’s a commitment that not only impacts a great number of families today but also positively affects generations to come.

And then there is his relationship with Pe’ahi. Freire is a trailblazer in big wave surfing’s paddle evolution at Jaws. You can find videos of Freire on YouTube from as far back as 2008, with the Brazilian jumping from the rocks and surfing by himself before the lineup became littered with more safety vests and jet skis. The world-famous wave is everything for him and every year he waits (impatiently) for winter to wake Pe’ahi up.


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