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If playing outside is your life, then you’re constantly searching. Enthralled by the exploration, looking for the next open face, the next wave, the next rock wall. And no one is as curious as Kye Petersen, a gifted young Canadian who has exploration in his bloodlines (he’s the son of legendary ski mountaineer Trevor Petersen who passed away in 1996).

While Kye is only 25, he’s spent his young life looking over the next ridgeline, from Chamonix to Alaska and beyond. And this year, he released one of the best free movies on the net, In Search, a fitting title produced and directed by the talented charger—Kye is an equally skilled alpinist and backcountry freeskier and the film follows him as he seeks big booters and steep walls in the British Columbia and Alaskan backcountry. If you enjoy the hunt, prepare to be inspired.


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