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To call someone a pro snowboarder or skier is a broad definition. You could be talking about park rats who jib rails all day. Or a slalom racer whose worst enemy is fresh snow. Some people call themselves pro but don’t compete; opting instead for print marketing and film campaigns as the “talent”.

And then you have the competitors on the Freeride World Tour. These men and women don’t have a set course outlined for them; creating their destiny is part of the game. They must include speed in their chosen lines, style, tricks, and a sense of the fall line if they hope to make the podium. And that desire to “podium” is a crucial element to winning—the drive to be the best amongst your peers requires a reptilian instinct to be the best skier or snowboarder on the mountain.

This past weekend all eyes were on Golden, British Columbia at Kicking Horse resort for the second stop of the Freeride World Tour.  Forty-nine riders hiked the Stairway to Heaven, traversed the ridgetop of the White Wall, and boot packed to the top of Ozone at dawn to begin the Canadian leg. They then sent like their podium hopes depended on it. Because of course, they did.

I shot a few photos that I hoped captured the day. Enjoy.



Snowboard Women

  1. Marion Haerty (France)
  2. Claudia Avon (Canada)
  3. Erika Vikander (USA)

Snowboard Men

  1. Jonathan Penfield (USA)
  2. Sammy Luebke (USA)
  3. Victor De Le Rue (France)

Ski Women

  1. Jessica Hotter (New Zealand)
  2. Arianna Tricomi (Italy)
  3. Elisabeth Gerritzen (Switzerland)

Ski Men


  1. Kirstofer Turdell (Sweden)
  2. Regnér Eriksson (Sweden)
  3. Andrew Pollard (USA)

Editor’s Note: The next FWT stop is Andorra, where the holding period starts on Feb. 28. Check out Freerideworldtour.com and The Inertia for more info.




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