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It feels great to finally show you my friend Andy’s ambulance after hanging with him at Overland Expo all these years. Believe it or not, there isn’t much that has changed with this ride in those years, which means he did it right the first time! This is a Ford 350 factory four-wheel drive ambulance that Andy says was fire-engine red when he got it.

So Andy did everything he could to make it not look like an ambulance anymore. He added a beefy bumper, wrapped it in lights, added a winch in the grill, and tacked on 41-inch military grade tires, to name just a few of the changes to the exterior. And that’s all before you get to the inside. It’s certainly ready for any surf or snowboarding mission you’re willing to tackle. What do you think of his awesome rig?

Editor’s Note: Phil Kockerbeck is an expert in off-road, livable vehicles. He runs the YouTube page Down2Mob Overland and contributes video vehicle tours to The Inertia.


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