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If you haven’t seen the viral mountain lion video yet of a real-life cougar attempting to chase a Utah man away from its young, then you don’t use social media (which might be a good thing). The video went uber-global, garnering the accidental videographer, Kyle Burgess, some 25,000 followers on Instagram almost instantly while people viewed his video on YouTube more than five million times.

The whole thing was silly, starting with a “stalking for six minutes” headline that got animal lovers fired up as experts pointed out the lion wasn’t really stalking Burgess at all – he never would have seen an attack coming. The animal was simply telling him to get the f*** away from its young kittens. You can see the original below.

The responses have been interesting. But none of them comes close to the witty parody, above, showing a different kind of cougar stalking a man for 90 seconds. These accidental comics mimicked Burgess’ language to a tee and had fun with a viral situation made more viral by our thirst for animal interactions.


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