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Of course, river waves aren’t evolving. The surfers riding river waves definitely are. But how would that be? If man’s fiddling with the sacred–tearing down paradise and building acres of cement-framed wave parks–be waking Mother Nature from her centuries-long surf slumber? Is she about to unleash a fury of incredibly high water, mixed with one or two earth-shaking tremors to reshape Earth’s drainages into perfect, barreling surf-orgasms? Waves anywhere there’s flowing h2O?

It’s a nice-enough thought. But when reality sobers us up, this is just Norway’s best-kept secret. I won’t break it but high water definitely does amazing things to this wave (which we’ve seen plenty of), creating an extremely rippable, waste to chest-high wall that Wes Schaftenaar and Phil Pope attack relentlessly in this quick piece. Is that even a little barrel in there? Such a sweet little throwback feel, too.


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