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The Inertia

What a time to be alive, amirite? It wasn’t that long ago I was sitting in a high school science class as teach was nursing a nasty hangover and proceeded to flip on Who Killed the Electric Car? telling everyone to take notes so he could withdraw for a spell. Now, Elon Musk and his contemporaries have made electric vehicles posh, cool, and desirable. And so long as power utilities move further away from the nasty coal-powered stuff, EVs appear to be having their moment and could usher in a wave of cars that are friendlier to the environment than ones with a tailpipe.

That those who love the great outdoors most are currently the ones inadvertently contributing to climate change through their vehicle’s emissions to get to those wild places is a fact not lost on Audi. That dilemma is precisely the genesis behind the German automaker’s recently unveiled concept vehicle, the AI:TRAIL quattro.

Some of the most interesting features include: large panoramic windows around the car that result in zero blind spots, no dashboard to speak of (everything is shown on a smartphone that plugs in above the wheel), and headlights that become drones and fly above and in front of the vehicle at night to light the way.


We know what your thinking: “Concept vehicle schmoncept vehicle. Don’t talk to me until this thing’s in production.” And we’d have to agree with you – it’s hard to get excited about a car that may never be made available to the public. But, taken for what it is (a look at how brands are thinking about the future of electric vehicles for rugged adventuring), it would seem very soon there will be a way to live your best #ElectricVanLife.



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