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The Inertia

The serenity of towering peaks, snow, and a breeze whistling through the trees during foot-powered backcountry pursuits is a well-worn trope. Nature is breathtaking and stirs something in us, sure, but at the risk of piling more words onto the mountain of prose written about that very subject, we’ll refrain.

If the mountains are beautiful in the day, though, they’re otherworldly at night when a full moon rises in the dark sky to illuminate the snow. For those who’ve had the unique pleasure of venturing into the backcountry at night, you no doubt have personal experience with the beauty documented in the video above. For those who haven’t, you may soon want to.

The above is Max Kroneck and Jochen Mesle, ski touring the Austrian Alps during arguably the best time to do so. Enjoy the serenity.


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