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Well, if you’ve been super bummed about the Indianapolis Colts stinking up the joint for the last few years, mostly due to the absence of quarterback Andrew Luck, you don’t need to just focus your frustration on tough NFL defenses and the crappy Colts offensive line. You can turn your anger to snowboarding, as it turns out. Luck re-injured his shoulder while shredding in the 2016 offseason in Colorado. In 2015, you may recall, he tore his labrum and lacerated a kidney from taking such a savage beating during the year. Dude is a great quarterback. But nobody was protecting him. Well, snowboarding did a number on him as well.

“I don’t snowboard anymore,” said the Stanford grad. “And this was after the initial injury. I went back, rehabbed it with the Colts. I’ve had a bunch of AC sprains, both left and right shoulder, and resolved that issue. But the labrum has been my issue, was my issue, what I worked through, what I got surgery on.”

If you watched the Colts opening game against the Bengals you saw Luck still running for his life, even though he looked good. New coach Frank Reich has emphasized getting the ball out of Luck’s hands quickly so he doesn’t get absolutely pulverized. Good idea.


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