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In 1982, a deadly avalanche careened down the slopes of Alpine Meadows Resort in the northern Sierra, killing seven people. Before the event occurred, there was a feeling in the snowpack that something could go terribly wrong, and it did. A new documentary, Buried: The 1982 Alpine Meadows Avalanche, tells the story of this tragic event. The documentary will be screened throughout the 2020-2021 winter.

At the center of the story is Jim Plehn, who was a young avalanche forecaster at the resort at the time who was the leading voice of reason ahead of the tragedy (the documentary apparently frames the resort as the leader in the rock and roll lifestyle of skiing at the time). The doc tells the story of the events leading up to the tragedy, the reaction and the aftermath.

There are some incredible stories that come out of the event, like that of Anna Conrad, who survived after being buried in a small hut for five days. You can see an interview with the directors, below. The film screens next on December 5 in Whistler and December 3 and 9 in Tahoe City, Calif.

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