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In further proof that gun violence in America has gotten completely out of hand, last week, Russian snowboarder Dimytry Koltcov was gunned down in a random act of violence while on a downtown Los Angeles street. According to the LA Times, Koltcov was shot after a brief verbal exchange with the gunman who was sitting in his car.

An hour later, Rhett McKenzie Nelson, who is from Utah, tragically killed an off-duty sheriff deputy, Joseph Solano, at a Jack in the Box in Alhambra. The officer died two days later and his death was widely covered by Los Angeles media. Nelson, according to his family, has suffered from drug addiction and mental health issues.


Koltcov was apparently living in the Los Angeles area as his Instagram page shows a number of edits from Big Bear resort, as well as video and pictures of skating and surfing in the region. According to the Russian news agency TASS, Koltcov  won bronze at the “2010 Russian championship in Big Air and silver at the 2012 Open Championships in Switzerland in Halfpipe.”

It wasn’t immediately clear how long Koltcov had been living in Southern California. There was also confusion around the spelling of the snowboarder’s name which made information sparse (it’s spelled Dimytry Koltcov on the snowboarder’s Instagram handle). Koltcov’s friends celebrated his life on social media, with most of the comments centered on his gracious and outgoing personality: “Anyone who knew @dimakopchik was lucky and will never forget his overall energy and happiness,” wrote videographer Kyle Schafer, who’s edit of Koltcov can be seen above. “He was always the most stoked and just wanted to go as big as his personality. Much Love Forever DIMI.”

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We’ll play our show today in your honor, Dimi. 💔 Any skatepark was one of your favorite places to be. Our stage is right in front of a skatebowl today. 🛹🎤🎸 You’ll be so missed today and forever. ♥️🛹 Photo: @kirillumrikhin 💔 Наше сегодняшнее выступление в скейт-пуле парка Садовники в 16:00 будет посвящено Диме Кольцову (нашему Копчику) и самой доброй и светлой памяти о нём. ♥️🎸🎤 Выступление было запланировано задолго до произошедших страшных событий. Было принято решение не отменять выступление, а посвятить его Диме, потому что скейтпул – это именно то место, где нужно сыграть для Копчика и сказать несколько слов в память о нём. ♥️🛹 Не знаю, как я смогу справиться сегодня с нервами и эмоциями, но я должна это сделать. Во всё это до сих пор абсолютно невозможно поверить. Так хочется, чтобы всё это оказалось просто страшным сном… 💔

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