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The Inertia

Cody Townsend is definitely in the middle of one of the most audacious projects of his life. He’s on trip 17, in an attempt to ski the 50 Greatest Ski Descents in North America as profiled in the book (Fifty Classic Ski Descents of North America).

This particular segment took on a deeper meaning though, as Cody set out to descend Mt. Tukuhnikivatz in Southern Utah. He did so with a pair of Native American skiers. The insight they drop during the short film is fairly poignant. “If you are impacted to the point that you identify with how native cultures relate to places then begin to relate to places the same way,” says Dr. Len Necefer, a University of Arizona Professor, CEO of NativesOutdoors and a skier. “Treat those places as your relative.” Yes, this is definitely one of Cody’s best episodes yet.

Read more about Cody’s Fifty Project here.


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