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You’d have a hard time finding anyone in the sport of whitewater kayaking today who wouldn’t agree with this sentiment: Dane Jackson is the world’s best kayaker. From freestyle to river running to straight sending, Dane is so highly skilled he’s tough to keep up with. Well, he’s been on a serious bender lately. He just posted this gem from 65-foot Toketee Falls in Oregon. And he pretty much sticks it. The goal on big waterfalls is boat angle – kayakers want that plastic kayak to stay vert as they enter the water. Land flat (perpendicular) and one’s back is gonna have a whole lot to say about it. Below are a couple of other highlights from Mr. Jackson. Check out his Instagram for more send action.

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Shiz was rowdyyy #stout | #gopro #waterfall

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Soooooooon 🔥 #STAKEOUT | 📹- @adrianmatternkayak

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