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In nature’s way, it’s competely beautiful. Northern Ontario in the fall can lull you into a dreamy state. But it ain’t that dreamy for the wildlife. Every animal is trying to stock up before winter. That’s why this drone footage of a wolf trying to take down a moose is so dramatic. Both animals are fighting for life, with winter bearing down on them. The wolf is supremely outmatched on its own, and it grabs the moose by the flank and holds on for life. But the big animal is too much. Still, crazy to catch this fight with a drone. “Captured this footage by happenstance while shooting some scenics in Northern Ontario,” said filmer Dan Nystedt. “Was excited by the moose sighting, as I was leaving something unexpected took place.” While this sort of encounter happens everyday in the wild, the internet is now allowing us to see it way more often. Which is awesome.

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