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The Inertia

The cliff jumping movement is real. Kids all over the country are going deep into the #sendlife. It’s a risky way to get a bunch of Instagram followers. And sometimes, even when you land right, things go horribly wrong. Just ask Ryan Szymanski, who went big on this 112-foot gainer. He floats the thing beautifully, but when he smacks the water in Vermont–a famous cliff jumping locale–he tears every ligament in his leg, which he nearly lost because the damage was so extensive. Amputation probably isn’t worth it. But Szymanski was definitely humbled by the experience: “I can be such a shitty person sometimes, and yet so many people have gone out of their way to gift positive energy towards me in ways that I never acknowledged or even thought possible (let alone deserved). It’s not only restored my faith in humanity a bit but somehow healed my leg.”


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