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The Inertia

A couple of years ago, Candide Thovex became an Internet sensation with “One of Those Days,” as he screamed down his home mountain in a style so unique it captured the world’s attention and spawned sequels and car deals for the gifted skier. But before the POV notoriety, and as is the case with most aspiring pros, there were the wipeouts and behind-the-scenes workouts. Thovex is a driven being. Case in point: this session at Chad’s Gap, the notorious gap jump in the Utah backcountry that famously broke the ankles of icon Tanner Hall (even spawning a parity).

With apologies to Poor Boyz, Matchstick and Warren Miller, Teton Gravity Research is one of the most prolific ski film companies in the industry. The Wyoming-based production group is celebrating its 21st anniversary (and its eternal youth) by releasing some of its classic clips narrated by brothers Todd and Steve Jones (TGR founders). In this one, Thovex attacks Chad’s Gap with a vengeance. He absolutely eats it on the dangerous backcountry kicker four times before throwing a D-Spin 720, an off axis trick that was revolutionary in the terrain park at the time, let alone over an enormous gap. It also shows how driven the radical Frenchman is. This is the kind of commitment required to become great and to me, shows us way more about Thovex than any viral POV clip.

It’s definitely a worthy watch. Enjoy.


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