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It is a piece of pop-culture perfection: ostriches beautifully buttering across the snow, vastly out-skiing your average Texas tourist at Breckenridge. It has popped up all over Facebook, Instagram, and the like. But was it real?

Of course it isn’t f***** real. And Snopes went to work on the legend of the birds this week just so you could sleep well,  resting easy, assured that birds with four-foot legs can’t ride snow better than you.

“False,” says the infamous site, that mostly debunks delectable internet rumors (which is sometimes unfortunate). Because this was awesome. And why not keep letting people believe in the birds, man?


“The question may seem a bit ridiculous on its face, but it is one that has been repeatedly asked of us since (video of the) flightless birds effortlessly skiing down a snowy mountain emerged in the early 2000s,” reads a post on the site. “This footage does not feature a group of ostriches that were trained to ski, but instead comes from an advertising campaign promoting tourism in Japan which used digital editing, professional skiers, and ostrich costumes to make it look as if these flightless birds were skiing down the mountain.”

There. Now you know. The video was created by the Tugboat ad agency out of Japan. You’re freakin’ welcome.



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