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Russell Winfield traveled a tough road becoming the first black pro snowboarder. There was no one that looked like him out there. No one that he could look up to. And according to Winfield, back in the day, when there was no Instagram, or YouTube, or any other form of social media, the only riders that got covers and video parts and got seen in general were the ones that the industry wanted to be seen.

So kudos to Snowboarder magazine for examining this issue with Russell and with photographer Stan Evans, one of the first black snowboard lensman. Because inherently, the magazine was essentially part of that problem as well and they look at the issue openly. This issue of Snowboarder was a step in the right direction as it featured all Black contributors and riders: “Built in collaboration with the most prolific, influential, and compelling Black creators, voices, and talents in the history of snowboarding, the first issue of Volume 33 features the accomplishments and experiences of a cross section of Black riders, including X Games champions, esteemed creators, and industry leaders.”

You can find the newest issue at Snowboarder.com.


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