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The Inertia

Here’s an oldie but goodie that illustrates the moral dilemma of parenting while teaching your child any action sport. Early last year, five-year-old Deegan was skiing with his dad at Powder Mountain executing the perfect pizza through the terrain park. Much to the chagrin of his dad, as Deegan hauls it straight to the first kicker in the park with his dad shouting for him to hit the brakes, Deegan doesn’t listen. “Oh my God,” says a terrified dad as Deegan flies.

Deegan doesn’t land it, but when dad catches up with him at the bottom of the jump, Deegan is all smiles. “Are you okay?” asks dad between nervous laughs. “I cleared it,” shouts Deegan, jubilant.

I can only imagine how dad feels straddling the fine line between terror and pride at that moment. His son wanted to send it, which must be heartening for a father, but at the risk of serious bodily harm, which must be terrifying as it goes against the single objective in parenting – keeping your child safe. It’s a tough balance to strike. As I mentioned, this video was taken last year. By now, Deegan must be charging.


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