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The Inertia

It’s difficult to tell exactly how big this slide is and whether or not it would have taken anyone out. But it’s an obvious reminder that the danger is out there, even during a low-tide year in the Chilean Andes. Travis and Manuel Diaz were on a mission to witness a recent solar eclipse (visible to South America), throwing down on a hand-built kicker as the moon created a shadow on the Earth.

“(In) a ceremony the night before, a shaman told us that a total eclipse has the power of 10 super moons and is a profound time for transition,” Travis wrote. “So, we built a big one. I have never built a jump out of half rocks and snow, but hey, in these high and dry Andes one needs to be resourceful.”

The Elqui Valley, near where the group was filming, is actually known for its astrotourism (no, really, check here). Sounds like there’s an edit coming down the pipe but you can catch a sneak preview, below.



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