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In tragic news out of Pemberton, British Columbia, Candian freeskier Dave Treadway died while backcountry skiing. According to several reports, Treadway fell into a crevasse after an ice bridge he was crossing collapsed.

Pemberton and Whistler search and rescue teams were called in to help with the rescue as Treadway had apparently fallen some 30 feet. He apparently succumbed to his injuries before help arrived with SAR members calling the recovery, “technical.”

“I would say the depth of the crevasse was paramount to the operation,” said David MacKenzie, head of PSAR. “Having to put in various ice anchors and protection and getting our team down into the crevasse to access the subject was one thing, and then being able to actually rig it back up so that they could be pulled back up to the surface was another.”

Treadway had starred in dozens of ski movies and was also an avid surfer and outdoorsman. According to Freeskier, he had apparently eschewed the life of a pro as of late to concentrate on his family, running the Instagram page, Freerange.Family with his wife Tessa and two sons (above), while traveling in a truck and trailer. Athletes, editors, and the skiing world reacted to the tragedy on social media. Our hearts go out to the Treadway family.

You can view a photo gallery featuring Dave, here and support his family though this GoFundMe page, which has been set up to raise funds.


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