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Chics dig skiers. Apparently a little too much, sometimes. This week, freeskeir Joss Christensen went on Instagram to let a pair of females know he felt they were being inappropriate and to give him some serious space.


“The two girls in the gray/brown Subaru that have been stalking me for the last three days, please stop,” he wrote in an Instagram post that has since been deleted.

According to Christensen’s post, there were three instances that made him feel, “creepy.” The first came when the young women waited outside his gym in Utah for him to come out so they could take pictures with him. Not too big of a deal, according to Christensen. But then the girls showed up at his mother’s place, then later at Christensen’s “cabin” in the Park City area.

And that was it.

On the social media post, the Gold medal winner told the girls he’d snapped a pic of their license plate number and would get the police involved if it happened again. Christensen won the gold in slopestyle in Sochi and will look to defend his title during the first part of 2018 in South Korea despite dealing with a balky right knee of late.

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