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If you’re anything like me, then you end up sleeping in the back of your car in the winter or in a hut or two once in a while trying to stack pow days. Or maybe at a mountain lake on a fine summer weekend, if luck would have it. If you are a kindred spirit, then you know how versatile a sleeping bag can be if you get the right one. Even just for comfort when couch surfing, the sleeping bag often ends up living in the trunk of your car.

So I’m a converted fan of the Brooks Range Mountaineering Drift 30, a sleeping bag that’s versatile, and comfy and lightweight and packabale, and stylie, and….see where I’m going with this. The accolades are many.

I first used the Drift 30 on an overnight paddling trip. Space was a premium. Which is where the Drift 30’s worth was proven. This thing packs down to the size of a large thermos and at 23 ounces, is a fifth the weight. Although I could have used some warm soup on that particular trip.


The Drift 30 is built with 850+ Fill power goose down, and honestly, I don’t have a frickin’ clue what that means other than it’s really, really comfortable.

I do know that 15d Nylon shell fabric makes it feel like you’re wrapped in a sheet and the bag has a rating down to 30 degrees, which again makes the Drift 30 extremely versatile; from summer evenings by the river in Montana to Pacific Northwest nights on the coast with a sea breeze blowing ‘ya down. Admittedly, a zero degree bag would be more optimal for high alpine or winter camping situations.

So the wrinkles in the shot above prove I’ve been packing the thing all over kingdom come. Here’s a studio photo (below) for a cleaner look. Trust me, this baby’s worth it. I wasn’t paid to say it or convinced by marketing dollars—the Drift 30 just kinda goes everywhere with me, so when I do stay the night out, the last thing I have to worry about is my sleeping bag. And that’s comforting.


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