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The Inertia

Bobby Brown has been an incredibly influential force in the world of freeskiing. He was one of the first to land triple corks, has won multiple X Games golds (in the same year) and just as he has looked up to those that came before, he’s now laid down a heavy legacy of performance, especially when the lights have been brightest. That’s why–in a crowded media tent in Aspen, right after he scored a silver medal in Big Air–we made him talk about the important stuff: like his siblings, cramped car rides on I-70 on the way to the mountains from Denver when he was a kid and the “legend” status of his parents. He also opined on changing things up as his career marches on, like taking more of an interest in the backcountry. But perhaps what stuck out most from the conversation was how concentrated Brown was on living in the present moment. A concept we could all apply to our own lives in some fashion.


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