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Terje Haaksonsen has laid a rather iconic path in snowboarding’s history. Hailing from a small village in Telemark, Norway, Haakonsen has made dominant runs in nearly every aspect of the sport from halfpipe to banked slalom. He’s never shied away from controversy, either, but what’s been the most fun to watch with Terje is how he likes to experiment with all sorts of boards. So here are three quick(ish) clips, starting with a recent snowskate vid he just released on his Youtube page.

Terje is actually pretty good on a surfboard, too. Google Terje Haakonsen-Flowrider to see more. In the meantime, aim your eyes at this interesting piece of river surfing fun on a pretty sick-looking river wave in Norway:


Terje has an endless amount of snowboarding clips in the webosphere, but this recent one from Japan (below) is pretty much perfect for where he is in his career now (riding pow, when and where he wants to). Bonus: he rides a powsurfer in this one, too, so that’s another board (yes, snowskates and powsurfers are different, but both are bindingless).

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