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In every genre of sport there are filmers and film companies that, year in and year out, lay down epicly-rendered, must-see movie projects to get our seasons started right (whatever that season may be). Absinthe Films, the beautifully-understated film outfit, plays that role in the world of snow and board.

While the company hasn’t released the name of its newest flick–as they’re still reaping the rewards of last year’s tour-de-force, TurboDojo–they have released a teaser trailer of sorts. It’s a collection of clips Absinthe gathered late last season traveling from “Utah to the Northeast,’ featuring Jed Sky, Frank Jobin, and Demetri Bales as part of a teaser-ish, sequeled release they’re calling “Leaks.” This is the third in the series (we’ll have more for you later or see them all, here).


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