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The Inertia

Amidst a year full of uncertainty, strife, daunting headlines day after day, and unprecedented use of the word unprecedented, the idea of grasping comfort and familiar joys seems like a cruel joke. Yet despite everything that has transpired since March, we may find serenity through the annual mark of good things to come: it’s snowboard film premiere season.

We will all remember life before and after 2020. For many, it’s been tense and unsettling, feelings that are fueled by a news cycle that gets more astonishing by the day. Watching TV is now a hazard to one’s mental health. So perhaps while at home the best way to ease an unsettled soul is to turn off the news and tune in to Channel ZeRO, a glimpse into the possibilities of what humans are doing on snow.

Some may dismiss this as trivial. If we’re in a time of global, social upheaval, we should be focused on the madness in order to remain properly informed citizens. But I would argue that a population full of anxious minds is more dangerous to our future. Riding is a reprieve from just that, and so is the ceremonial task of watching others ride in daydream fashion.


Channel ZeRO is not on your television. You need to go out into nature to tune into this frequency.

Heavy, right? That’s the premise of this shred flick with Jeremy Jones and Jamie Lynn alongside rising stars like Estelle “EP” Pensiero and Garret “The Worm” Warnick, all with highlights from last year’s efforts — a time when everything in life really did seem simple.

“During this divisive chapter in history, Absinthe has focused on the unifying aspects of a global snowboard community that will not be kept apart, no matter what physical or psychological barriers are thrown up,” Absinthe Films Justin Hostynek texted me.

Yeah, it rings a bit like film-promo speak but it means much more in these times we find ourselves in. A stacked roster of athletes and international shredders set out to remind all of us that snowboarding has always been a beacon of safe, social distancing and just may be the key to humanity’s survival. Well, maybe not the key but it sure holds some answers. Turning off the TV and tuning in to the mountains is that first step, and if you don’t get that urge watching shred flicks, then repeat until the spirit of stoke overpowers any negative thoughts or the insanity in the rest of our daily lives.

It’s time to get fired up for winter!



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