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This one is going to be a doozy. As California prepares for the storm of storms, the big one that could put an end to relentless drought, people are digging in, digging out, and finding a way to deal (it’s easier for some, than others). Parts of the High Sierra could receive up to 20 feet of snow, although the snow level is over 8,000 feet so it could be a wet one. So with that in mind, here’s a quick Instagram snapshot of what’s happening on the ground in the Golden State, which this week, could be totally white.

These guys are filling up their growlers:

Elyse Saugstad, like many mountain pros, is preparing to shred:

The Jones Snowboard squad is taking advantage:

Matt Biolis is expanding minds:

Mammoth locs have just been trying dig out:

Glad you found your car @antresewood! #LaNiña #2017 @tylernorthernn #mountainlocals

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