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Yep, however desperate you might think it is, some people got powder turns over the weekend. We’re kinda jealous. For reals.


Curtis Grevenitz, Nick Traux and Adam Pohl posted photographic evidence to their Instagram accounts. So that means it really happened.

Some of the footage was from Great Divide Ski Resort in Montana, where apparently there was enough grass to allow skiers to skin the mountain and get powder turns without turning their edges to rusted rebar. There was actually 24 inches reported at the base of Great Divide over the weekend, which is near the small town (village) of Marysville, east of Missoula.

Pohl posted these pics of Nick Traux, in bike helmet, below, in a humdinger of a chute from somewhere out there. It is September, right? We’re thinking this is in the Big Sky area? Correct us if we’re wrong. Nice September score.

Not bad nature, not bad. @nick.truax #actuallyflmr #septemberturns

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