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handstand skier in the park gold coast parks squaw valley

Shredding the Gold Coast Terrain Park at Squaw Valley Photo: Ikon Pass

The Inertia


Editor’s Note: This piece was done in conjunction with our partners at IKON Pass

On days like these, you’ve felt it. The warmth on your shoulders, the slight softening of snow, the desire to roam and ride under bluebird sky pierced with a bright yellow sun. This time of year, you’ve seen it. The lengthening days, the shedding of layers, the pronounced and proud goggle tans.

Spring riding in the mountains is here, with all of its suntans and slush-laced spring turns and sundrenched stoke. Pairing warmer temps and sunnier skies, now is the perfect moment to own the stoke from season-to-season while seeking extended moments of exploration and discovery from coast-to-coast. From this spring to next winter, the mountains are where the stoke lives. It’s where we experience the full lifecycle of adventure. These are the moments that, when we own them, we own them forever.

brandon davis in the park

Brandon Davis in the legendary Big Bear Park. Photo: Ikon Pass


The season of renewals and growth, spring arrives this year as a welcome dose of something refreshed and new. With buy now, ride now spring access at several Ikon Pass destinations, spring is an invitation to pack the cooler, load up the car, and head into the wide-open beauty of the mountains. Be it a trip to Southern California’s Mammoth Mountain or Sugarbush in Vermont, this time of year carries some of the biggest fun of the season.

Spend some time slowing things down while introducing your favorite lil ripper to the softer side of the slopes, or collect the crew and create your own spring-slush spray contest. Bonus points for creative costumes. When hunger calls, pull out the lawn chairs, grab-and-go from one of the many mountain-side pop-ups, or dig into the cooler and extend the lunch break while swapping stories of your gnarliest days yet. A tall tale always lives larger when it’s told in the comfort of the sun.

skier and snowboarder under the lift on a powder day

Powder days aren’t gone yet this season, and more are just around the corner. Photo: Ikon Pass

WINTER 21/22

From first turns to last laughs, while the stoke lives large this spring, it can also be thought of as a preview for Winter 21/22. Because, from the moment you score your pass to the mountains, the entire season will be waiting for you. Now is the time to start planning the itineraries, mapping out the road trips, calling your best adventure buddies, and digging into untapped lines you plan to own.

Whether it’s hitting kickers at Winter Park this spring or exploring a new line through the trees at Solitude next winter – each moment in the mountains brings with it a fresh perspective and the opportunity to explore ever further. For now, the sun is shining, the stoke is waiting, and your invitation to shred is standing tall.

McKenna Peterson, Sam Cohen, Amie Engerbretson  enjoying some apre ski beers in the parking lot of Alpine Meadows. Photo: IKON Pass.

Enjoying some après ski beers in the parking lot of Alpine Meadows. Photo: IKON Pass.


From the second your score your pass and stake your claim to the mountains, you’ve got immediate spring turns and all of Winter 21/22 to look forward to. With Ikon Pass options starting at only $399, adult, and exclusive spring savings, there’s a sundrenched adventure for every type of rider, both new to the mountain and longtime shredder.

For Spring 2021, the earlier you purchase, the earlier you hit the hill at participating destinations. Some resorts keep things turning well into the summer at destinations like Mammoth Mountain and Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows.

Purchase now for the 21/22 season and get immediate spring skiing access to the following destinations. Until seasonal closures, slide into sunshine and spring slopes at:

• Big Bear Mountain Resort
• June Mountain
• Tremblant
• Solitude
• Sugarbush
• Mammoth Mountain
• Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows
• Winter Park Resort


• Up to $100 in renewal discounts for 20/21 pass holders.
• For a limited time, lock in an Ikon Pass for as low as $0 down and 0% APR.
• Save up to $200 on child passes with the purchase of an adult pass.


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