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Wow. Talk about epic visuals. Last year, Elena Hight, Caley Vanular, Maude Raymond, and Taylor Godber went on a pilgrimage of sorts, to discover and explore Japan’s backcountry, and probably to explore a little more about themselves as well. And filmmaker Carlo Mion pretty much nailed the look and feel of the journey.

“The land of the rising sun was calling,” Hight told us. And the land of “Japow,” cause it looks like the ladies scored big time. According to Hight, chasing pow helped them discover Japanese culture, which eventually led to a pretty rad connection. Three snowboarders, one skier–beautiful, intelligent, hard-charging women dominating the screen in a feature film about riding the lightest snow on Earth. We can’t wait to see the full edit.

Look for Vision Nowhere on The Inertia, coming this month.


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