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The Inertia

Kimmy Fasani is a well-respected athlete, best known for her aggressive freestyle backcountry snowboarding. She has won countless awards like Women’s Rider of the Year, Standout Performance of the Year, and has had some incredible video parts with Standard and Absinthe Films. Kimmy loves mentoring other snowboarders, especially other females and is a vocal ambassador for several nonprofits.

On the personal side of her life, Kimmy is married to skier Chris Benchetler and they are part owners of Dessert’d Organic Bakeshop (and yes, she gets to taste test everything). I recorded this interview after a day on Mammoth Mountain, and at the time Kimmy was about five weeks away from having a baby. She opened up about being a pregnant athlete, why people care more about what she does with her body now, and her spiritual journey to getting pregnant. She also shares how she created her dream job, what it takes to be a pro snowboarder, and how she tackled injuries, self-doubt, fear and overcame some of the hardest times in her life.

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