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Jimmy Kimmel is funny. In the funny, “ha, ha,” way, and in the other way: He represents the fearful, general public. He can’t seem to understand why someone would want to climb a 3,000-foot wall with gear, let alone without it. But Alex Honnold goes easy on him because Alex is a good dude as he talks about his incredible free solo of Yosemite’s El Capitan (obviously a first).

You can tell Alex is kinda’ like, ‘this guy’s a complete punter.’ But he patiently explains that this is something he’s been visualizing for years. His life’s mission. Like winning a Super Bowl (so the mainstreamers can relate). The interview starts off rather awkward but the climber slowly wins over the audience with a little poking of fun at himself (always a good move). And he makes the whole thing easier for everyone to understand. Don’t be scared Jimmy.

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