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The Inertia

Mark McMorris was legitimately on fire through most of the Natural Selection Tour. He had to skip the Canadian event but won in Jackson Hole before competing in the finals last week at the Tordrillo Mountain event in Alaska, finishing second on the season. For the most part, Mark looked insanely strong. But today, he shared a bit of reality.

If you didn’t catch the Red Bull broadcast, you might have missed this terrifying wipeout in big terrain. Mark goes for a backside three and it looks like he’s trying to gap the ridge line but catches the top, sending him floating out of control into the panel of snow below him.

“This was a scary one,” he wrote. It sounds as if things turned out okay but you may remember, Mark has come back from some serious shit in his career. He crashed at Air + Style in Los Angeles in 2016, breaking his femur and a had backcountry accident that left him hospitalized in 2017 with an array of injuries. He’s come back strong after both but this was a close one and it really shows just how big Alaskan terrain is.


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