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Just a year after being diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma, Canadian snowboarder Max Parrot captured X Games Gold in Big Air this weekend in Norway. At a new indoor-outdoor ramp that debut there, Parrot casually tossed a Cab 1620 to take home his first coveted medal since the diagnosis.

Parrot was diagnosed in December of last year, reportedly with cancer cells in his upper body that luckily hadn’t reached his organs as they were apparently near his heart and lungs. An aggressive treatment plan followed and in July he was declared cancer-free. But then the grueling training followed to get back in competitive snowboarding shape.

“To a lot of people, it seems like a big goal only two months after the end of the treatments (to get back to X Games) because with a lot of patients, it can (be) up to two years to get back all your energy. I’m planning to get it all back within two months… but I’ve always been like that. I love having a big goal and doing anything to achieve it,” Parrot told Snowboarder last month.


The weight room and trips to Saas Fe, Switzerland for training on the glacier followed to get back up to speed. And it certainly paid off. “Yesterday was honestly one of the best day of my life!!! 😃Memories I will never forget!!! I’ve been working crazy hard,” he said on Instagram.



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