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The Inertia

When McKenna Peterson’s father passed away, she did what a lot of responsible kids would do with a family business. She took it over. Remarkably, fishing goes well with her other love: skiing. McKenna has been running the family boat for years in southwest Alaska. And like many a fun hog of the past knows, fishing keeps one really busy during the prime seasons but then allows one to chase a passion for extended periods of time, like surf or snow. For McKenna, it’s time in the mountains. Big mountains, which she shreds to absolute pieces. “In both skiing and fishing you need to be able to suffer, you need to enjoy being uncomfortable,” she says. “You find yourself in positions in the ocean where you feel like you should not be there. The ocean is in control and you’re just riding it out. Skiing is the same way. Your skis can take you to places in the mountains where maybe you shouldn’t be. And they can get you out of those situations. It’s fun.” This is a segment for Matchstick Productions new film, Huck Yeah!


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