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Wow, what a rig, and what an opportunity to fully test a potential dream home on wheels! This is the Mitsubishi Fuso Expedition Camper. It’s actually a Host Outback aluminum camper. It’s one of two that was ever built in Bend, Oregon.

So, I was looking to buy this beauty, hence why I was so excited to be able to test it. But to you, dear audience, I’m taking you along for the ride on my decision making process, and what goes in to a great overland vehicle. There are a lot of elements that can come together to make a good rig. But the only way to truly find out if all those elements work together is to test them out.

You can watch my updates here, and find out whether I decided to buy this beast. Regardless, it was a great testing process. Thanks for watching!

Editor’s Note: Phil Kockerbeck is an expert in off-road, livable vehicles. He runs the YouTube page Down2Mob Overland and contributes video vehicle tours to The Inertia.


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