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A pair of ski mountaineers conducting research for NASA apparently decided to fit a quick ski descent in without getting the proper permits.

Willie Benegas, 49, and Matt Moniz, 20, are recreating a study for NASA using twins. Both Benegas and Moniz have siblings that were born with them so the impacts on their bodies are being studied as they climb Earth’s greatest mountain as compared to their respective siblings’, who are at sea level. The study is a replica of a test done by NASA on astronaut Scott Kelly, whose body was found to have gone through significant trauma during space travel as opposed to his twin who didn’t fly on the mission.

But Benegas and Moniz are no apparently being investigated for making an illegal ski descent from Everest’s Camp III, down to Camp II. The duo copped to the crime, as you can see above, descending on snow from 7,200 meters to 6,400 meters.


The pair obtained a climbing permit but apparently failed to secure the $1,000-dollar ski permit and $500 trash deposit (that’s a real thing on Everest). The misstep could get them banned from the country for five years and from mountaineering in the region for up to ten.


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