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The Inertia

There aren’t many things better than leaving the fast-paced day-to-day life most of us endure. It usually takes a few days to adjust to how our brains and bodies are supposed to be working—we’re not wired to deal with so much input—but once the flood of chemicals staring at screens induces wears off, everything is just so much better. The same goes for exercise. Sure, going to the gym or going for a run feels good, but not nearly as good as using your muscles to get places, then using those same muscles to do ridiculously fun things.

Having the time or finding the place to do such a thing, however, ain’t always that easy. Luckily for Nicholas Wolken, such a place exists just a train-ride away from the town where he grew up. For the last two seasons, he’s been exploring his own backyard. Along with Forrest Shearer, he stayed in a family friend’s alpine hut in Fideriser Heuberge, Switzerland. It was there that he realized—once again—that as is the case with almost everything in life, “less is more.”


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