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Self-dubbed “Professional Frozen Water Shredder” and filmmaker Nico Vuignier seems to have an infatuation with finding big mountain lines in the dark. His last edit came out in March of 2018 — two minutes and 45-seconds of night skiing powered by self-made 100-watt LED lights. And almost three years ago to the day, he published an edit where he strapped flares to skis and showed off night turns in Torched.  

It seems he raised the bar with Heatseeker. 

“This is probably the most complicated project I’ve ever worked on,” he says about the film that features “night skiing with a twist.”


So here’s the twist: Vuignier created a night skiing world where riders are being chased down the mountain by a fireball. It makes for an ominous tone in the final product and in the eyes of the viewer, but you’d imagine this was one really enjoyable project for Vuignier, Jeremie Heitz, Sam Anthamatten, Laurent DeMartin, Florian Bruchez, and Mathieu Schaer to piece together.

This is probably the most bizarre but creative and beautiful new ski edits available. Torched and High Beams were great because of their amazing visuals but the mystery of how they were shot and lit didn’t exist. Skis, flares, self-made LED lights, and a bunch of tape seems pretty self-explanatory if you can execute it. But this time Vuignier is hanging onto the secret of exactly how he captured such an abstract idea on camera, only making a point to shoot down the suggestion he used CGI. Whether or not he’ll ever indulge us with the secret remains to be seen, although he’s promised to share some behind the scenes footage soon.




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