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How can you not love this kid? Over the weekend, 17-year-old Red Gerard won the first gold medal for the United States this Winter Games and quickly became a household name. But Red isn’t just a talent, give the kid a microphone and he’s absolutely hysterical. After his win, he delivered one of the most memorable post-heat press conferences in recent memory then hopped skipped and jumped stateside to go live with Jimmy Kimmel from Los Angeles. Adroit readers might say, “Hey, he’s not done. He’s still got to compete in big air!” And you’d be right. On Friday, Gerard’s headed back to Pyeongchang to compete in big air.

While hanging with Kimmel, Gerard not only told the late-night host how to properly shotgun a beer (remember, Gerard’s only 17), he also explained how he overslept the morning of the Men’s Slopestyle final and had to wear a friend’s jacket that was two sizes too big. Oh, not to mention putting his cousin on blast explaining the tagline among his family, “We’re here to get Gerarded.” This kid is a people’s champ.


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