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The Inertia

For some reason, the world has seemed more crazy than usual lately. Maybe it’s an election year? Maybe it’s the talk of surf violence? Or recent gun violence–the type killing NFL football players. Or the negativity spread across the Internet in all its evil power. And that sucks.

I consider myself a non-partisan humanist: a lover of humanity and all its shit, its utter disgustingness, its brutality, and its uncompromising lack of thought at times, as a whole. And I’m part of the problem, too.

But as an uncompromising believer in humanity, there’s lots of beauty to have faith in. Like the donations to cancer research, rallies by the action sports community for breast cancer awareness, and just coming up big in general for one another with every crowd sourcing campaign imaginable.

That’s why I hope we never allow someone like Trump to take office (dude is just mean, people, let’s be real), I hope we somehow deal with this firearm thing, and in this case, yes, we do need legislation. Because let’s be honest, do we really need semi-automatic weapons and handguns, really? And I hope we can find health care for all. Because it’s good for humans, duh, including corporate business owners, who might find relief not having to pay for it all the time. And lets be honest, corporations are still footing the bill for many of us in the form of employment. And lots of ’em are hurting, financially. You see, I’m a non-partisan, pro humanist.

And I guess that’s why I hope we as humans take two minutes to check out this recent aurora borealis light show above VesterĂ¥len, Norway shot by Nicolai Solbakk Willumsen in February. “Northern Lights” occur when gaseous particles in the Earth’s atmosphere collide with those from the sun’s atmosphere. And it’s awesome.

As humans, we’re living in a beautiful place. Filled with awe-inspiring natural occurrences that should only solidify the mission of those visiting this site: to get your asses off the Internet and out in the mountains, rivers and oceans of this planet to play as hard as you can. Go shred, for god’s sake. The life we’re enjoying on this wonderful body of soil and water is fantastic. Let’s not take it for granted. Or one another.


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