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It probably doesn’t need to be stated but we’ll do it anyway – 2020 has been a real doozie. First you have a pandemic, then you have devastating wildfires, both in Australia and the Western U.S. Not to mention the economic destruction, cancelation of sports seasons like the WSL’s and the list goes on. This New Year’s eve is gonna be one helluva party as the world  bids adieu to a year we won’t soon forget for all the wrong reasons.

On a positive note, there was an early season snowstorm of somewhat epic proportions this week: parts of Colorado (like Monarch Mountain) received upwards of 18 inches of new snow. Yes, it won’t last, but people were out riding, whether it was Monarch, or the backcountry. And resorts across the intermountain West celebrated.

At places like Silverton Mountain, Colorado’s celebrated backcountry resort (below), skiers were actually getting early, early season face shots. Resorts in Wyoming (Jackson Hole), Utah, and Montana (Big Sky) all received snow. Go ahead and do a search of the hashtag #septembersnow to see more. Maybe since the first half of 2020 was so lame, the last half will be glorious? We can only hope.


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